Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Makeover: Makeover Your Style!

For my final Makeover Monday challenge of March, I have challenged my fellow GISistas--as I hear they are now being called ;)-- to Makeover their scrapbooking style!  Now the objective of this challenge is not replace your own FABULOUS style with another, but to practice accentuating it!  And here are few ideas how to go about it! 

To illustrate the style differences in the los below, I have chosen to work with the same background paper, by Die Cut With a View, and the same inspirational sketch, Sketch #39 by Debbie Hodge.


Inspired by "Making an Art Journalish Layout" by Dina Wakley

There are so many great styles out there to choose from, try channeling a different style and chances are you'll come up with an awesome hybrid of of the two styles!


Inspired by "Designer Project by Paula" by Paula Gilarde
and "Embellishing with Alphas" by Debbie Hodge

Whether it be using a doily as a frame, or an alpha as an embellishment, or even your digital supplies on your paper los, every supply has multiple uses, so get creative and see the difference it makes!


Inspired by techniques learned in Oodles of Doodles with
Michelle Houghton and Scrapbooking with Fabric with Tania Willis

Fun techniques can really give your style a boost, so pick a technique you'd like to learn and take a class or find an online tutorial!  I think you'll like the process of learning something new and the effect new techniques will have on your current style!

Thanks for joining me this month for the Get It Scrapped Blog Challenge and my Monday Makeovers...I have enjoyed reading all of your blogs and being inspired by your creativity! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking Forward!

Here is another layout from March's Crazy Daisy Kit!  Meet my beautiful niece Eryss.  She blessed us with her arrival almost a month ago and she is just absolutely precious!  And while I am saying goodbye to March's kit (as I used up almost every last scrap I had with this last lo...can you believe 6 los 2 cards and a 10 pg mini....Now thats a KIT!) I am looking so forward to working with April's!

Check out the beautiful hues and vintage prints from April's sneak peek!  AND a bottle of Glimmer Mist and an exclusive House of 3 Download...I'm in heaven!  I can't wait to get my hands on this kit! The only thing that could make April's Kit more exciting was if Heidi Swapp herself showed us all how to rock it! What's that you say...she has!  EEEEK! Check out her creations here in Crazy Daisy's April Guest Designer Gallery!  And join Heidi for her Live Web Show tonight at 7pm MST for more fun inspiring ideas using April's Kit. See you there!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hybrid Hoopla: AWESOME Diet & Exercise Journal

Check out this fabulous and totally CUSTOMIZABLE "Diet and Exercise Journal" by Biograffiti!  It was so simple and fun that I finished it in less than a few hours!  Now the hard part will be to reach my food and exercise goals...but this will surely help me on my way!

This journal comes with ten templates, including pages for a six week countdown, before and after measurements, goals, weight tracking and meal and exercise plans and logs. You will also receive an excellent set of instructions with your purchase, for assembling and using your Diet and Exercise Journal.

Let me tell you about a few of the changes I made and show you how truly easy it is to make and customize this journal to your needs and preferences! 

First off, this is a "Six Week Journal," which is a perfect period of time to plan ahead, as far as meals and exercise go, and to track your progress; but let's face it...I have a lot more than six weeks of work ahead of I decided to laminate the pages and use a Vis a Vis Marker, so that when my first six weeks are complete, I can wipe my slate and try for another six weeks!

I also added weekly tabs...Biograffiti's journal is set up so that there is a Planned and Actual Log for each day of the six weeks (which I LOVE!) so I added the tabs to help me to break down my meal and exercise plans for grocery shopping and workout planning purposes.

And finally, because Biograffiti's fabulous design is broken down so that each element is on its own layer and therefore customizable, I was able to re-order the days of my week (mine and my husband's work weeks start with Saturday), and give my journal, my own personal flair using, House of 3's fabulous French OO-LA-LA Papers and Sleek Glam Brush Kit, as well as some fun trim and paper embellishments.

Visit Biograffiti's store at Oscraps and start on your Diet and Exercise Journal today! 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Makeover Monday: Makeover Your Supplies

7 Ways to Re-Color Your Papers

When I first started digi scrapping a little over a year ago the thing that really impressed me about it, was the ability to customize my digital supplies, including re-coloring them, at the touch of a button. Wouldn't it be great if you could do this with your paper supplies!? Well, what's stopping you!?  Recoloring paper can be a great way to customize your supplies, update them or just to have a little bit of fun!  Check out these 7 techniques, which offer different ways for recoloring your paper.

NOTE: While its easiest to start with a predominently white or light colored background, some of these techniques with higher opacity ratings can accent or even re-color darker backgrounds.

Saturation * * * *
Texture * * * *
Even Coverage * * *
Ease * * *
Opacity * * * *
Dry Time * * *

All you need is some acrylic paint and a paint brush to get this effect.  The more coats you apply the less of the original background you will see and the more saturated the paper will become.  This technique can work with lighter and darker backgrounds and is best suited for medium to heavyweight papers.

Saturation * * * * *
Texture *
Even Coverage * * * *
Ease * * * *
Opacity * * *
Dry Time *

In order to get this effect you will need alcohol inks, blending solution and an applicator. This method is highly saturating and creates rich even colors.  It is very fast drying and therefore suited for most weights as long as you have a paper towel or second sheet of paper underneath to soak up any inks that leak through.

Saturation * * *
Texture * *
Even Coverage *
Ease * * * *
Opacity * * *
Dry Time * *

Using glimmer mists can bring rich colors, a fun texture and a little bit of sparkle to your papers. The more applications that are applied the more saturated the paper becomes, and the richer and more even the color will be. While the color is fairly  permanent (except when watered down or mixed with water-based paints), the glittery finish does have a tendency to wear off with time.

Saturation *
Texture * *
Even Coverage * * *
Ease * * *
Opacity *
Dry Time NA

To get this look, use chalk and a dauber to blend the color into your paper. This will give a soft subtle color. This finish is typically not very permanent, but can be if you follow up with a clear coat or fixative after application. 

Saturation * *
Texture * * * * *
Even Coverage * *
Ease * *
Opacity * * *
Dry Time * * * * *

Tinted glaze can be created a number of different ways, each one yielding slightly different results.  The above glaze was made by mixing a small amount of acrylic paint with decoupage.  For a glossier look and  more even coverage you can add a small amount of paint to a glaze medium, or you can purchase a pre-colored glaze medium.  Of all the techniques this one will take the longest to dry.

Saturation * * * *
Texture *
Even Coverage * * * *
Ease * * *
Opacity *
Dry Time * * * *

I have come across two techniques for applying dyes to paper, one of which is to brush the dye across the paper like watercolors, the second is to submerge it in a pan of dye.  I personally prefer the latter, as there is less pilling of the paper and it provides for a more even color.

Saturation * * *
Texture * * *
Even Coverage * *
Ease *
Opacity * * * *
Dry Time * * *

Whitewashing can bring a hint of color, while adding a bit of distessing. You can get this look by adding a thin layer of gesso to the paper and letting it dry.  Then apply a watered down acrylic ofer the top and then brushing it away with a paper towel.  This effect will mute the background pattern and should be reserved for medium to heavyweight papers.

Can't wait to see all of your supply makeovers...there's still time to join the fun with Get It Scrapped's Monthly Blog Challenge! Visit the Get Blogging Forum here.

Friday, March 19, 2010


You all know how it have a child and everyone on your side of the family swears he looks just like someone in your family and everyone on your spouse's side of the family thinks they look exactly like someone in theirs!  For the record, our Caleb has Daddy's nose, Mommy's cross bite, and somehow both of our eyes?!  But now that Caleb is two, I think we're all beginning to realize that although we can see glimpses of both Jake and I in that adorable little face...he is a person all his own!  I can't believe all of the changes our little man has made in the past few months!

So I decided to make this adorable mini to document Caleb's best (and worst!) character traits, using Crazy Daisy's March Kit, (a mini in every kit!!!).  Have a look at the slide show below, and check out what else you can do with this fabulous kit here at Crazy Daisy's CT Gallery!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Living Out Loud!

I think most of you have realized by now...that I don't do very many scrapbook pages about myself...and thats something I've been working on this year! But with Debbie Hodge's Scrap Your Story--a FREE 11-week class offered every Tuesday on the Get It Scrapped Homepage, its becoming a lot easier to become inspired to scrap one's self! Check out all of the lessons that have been released so far here. And get motivated to SCRAP YOUR STORY!

With the help of Debbie's first lesson, and some great new digi products by ErinINK, including her Living Out Loud Template.  I created this lo to commemorate my new journey!

Products by Erin INK and HGD by Laurie Ann--available at

Hope to see all of your faces featured on layouts in the Get it Scrapped Gallery very Soon!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Makeover Monday: Anything Goes!

Is it that time again?!  Wow those Mondays just sorda sneak up on ya don't they?!  Well regardless its here--another Monday Makeover Challenge!  I have challenged my fellow GISers to share their ideas, as well as other's, for making over their personal belongings.  Here are five fabulous makeover ideas I'd like to share from some of my favorite magazines, artists and bloggers...I hope you are as inspired by them as I was!  Most of them are accompanied by step-by-step tutorials, so check them out!

1. Button Cuff Bracelet by Kristen Lomino

Photo Source:

2. S-Bot 2007 by Mad in Crafts

Photo Source: EcoStreet

4. Door Headboard by Country Living

5. Embellished Furniture Knobs by The Rubber Punkin (Emily)

Photo Source: The Rubber Punkin

Isn't it amazing how we can turn what seems like nothing into something beyond special!  Can't wait to see all of your projects and ideas...Have any to me up in the comments...I love a good makeover!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Creating Like CRAZY!

This past week I received my March kit from Crazy Daisy Kits and ever since I've been creating up a storm!

Check out what myself and the other Crazy Daisy's have been up to with March's kit, in the Crazy Daisy DT Gallery!  And check back later this week to take a peek at my mini album from the kit, titled, So...You!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Us: Thru the Years

Today's prompt for the Get It Scrapped's month long blog challenge came from Sharyn Tormanen, and she challenged us to flashback and take a look at where were this time throughout the years! 

My life truly began when I married my husband 4 year this seemed like a natural starting point for me to begin my journey back in time...and as I flipped through the folders of photos on my computer, I began to notice a theme...each year around this time we added something special to our lives...Have a look!

click on the image for a larger view

In 2006 I found the missing piece in my life and we were married on February 24th.

In 2007, we adopted this adorable little puppy and named him he weighs 150lbs, but is just as beautiful as the day we first saw him!

In 2008, our first child was born and our lives as a family were just beginning.

In 2009, we built this wonderful addition to our very first home that we had bought months this family finally had a place to call home!

In 2010, our baby became a boy, who grows smarter and more talented every day.  And while I miss the days of cradling him in my arms...I am truly looking forward to the days filled with laughter and joy!

While I'm not a person who lives in the past...I do believe in keeping it, for we may never know who we are suppose to become, with out remembering where we started from!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Makeover Monday: Creative Organizing

6 Ways to Creatively Organize Your Ribbon!

Thanks for joining me for another week of Makeover Monday, part of Get It Scrapped's month long blogging challenge. Creative organizing is a great way to give your scrap space the makeover it needs, while having a little bit of fun!  Check out these fun suggestions for organizing and storing your ribbon, using everyday household objects and see how a little bit of creative organizing can go a long way!

1. Glass Jars and Canisters are a perfect way to store your small scraps of ribbon.  You may be tempted to throw those smaller pieces out , but that would be a huge mistake!  Instead keep them handy in a small glass jar, so that you can see the variety of colors and patterns you have on hand. Then put your scraps to use by adding knots, tabs or even ribbon flowers to projects and los!

2. Paper Towel Holders are another great tool I use to temporarily store the spools of ribbons that I am currently using on a project or lo.  This way they are readily accessible at my work area thru the duration of a project, then I can easily put them all away in their proper place when I've finished with them.

3. Recycled Boxes are perfect for making your own ribbon storage containers. Try using shoe boxes or photo boxes for larger spools, or plastic wrap, tinfoil, or wax paper boxes for smaller spools!  Simply paint or cover the box in your favorite paper or fabric, then measure and punch holes in the box's flap to create pull guides for your spools.  Add eyelets to the holes for reinforcement and you're all set!

4. Toilet Paper Holders can be helpful when  looking for a way to store your ribbon cards.  I simply love ribbon card spools, because they don't take up as much room and you can organize your ribbon by color or manufacturer on rings, for easy reference.  Buy hanging them on this flush mount Toilet Paper Holder, I can store them on the inside my scrap cabinet doors!  

5. Curtain Rods are an inexpensive, yet totally decorative way to store your ribbon spools so that they are visible on the walls of your scrap space.  I'd look for rods whose ends pull off to make for easier access and make sure the brackets give you enough distance from the wall for your larger spools.  Another tip: when you've finished a spool of ribbon, save the spool so that you can wind ribbon you may get from kit clubs, or that you may purchase by the yard on it and store it with the rest of your ribbon!

6. Key Holders can be useful if you're like me and like to have 12 inch lengths of ribbon available in a variety of colors for borders on your los.  Using bulldog clips I clip ribbons of the same color or theme in a bunch and then hang them from the hooks on the key holder.For me its always the challenge of out of sight...out of mind...this way I know what I have and am inspired to use it!

Now get out there and get organizing...creatively!  Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

2009 in 9000 Words

In the month of January, I saw the 2009 Photo Recaps everywhere and told myself...I should do that!  Here we are two months later (story of my!) and thanks to the inspiration of my friend Katrina Kennedy and her Saturday Snapshot Prompt from GIS's "Get It Blogged Challenge!",  I've finally been motivated into action!  So without further ado here's my favorite pics of 2009...and you'll never believe it...but there not ALL of Caleb!

So if a picture is worth a thousand words and I can count correctly...that makes 9,000 words about 2009! (If you're not sure about the math, don't take my word for it...check out Katrina's Blog!)
 However, if the pictures aren't enough, here's a brief summary of what each of these pictures mean to me! (going from right to left, top to bottom)

1. This was Caleb's first dandelion...many more would follow, but I feel very fortunate to have been able to capture his look of wonder as he handled his first!

2. Jake and Caleb will always share a special bond, that was forged in stone this very year...

3. This year we enjoyed many days in our pool, but the days my niece and nephew joined us were always the BEST!

4. Our day trip to Joe's Valley this year with Jake's family was memorable for all!

5. Sometimes you just stare out at the world and feel honored that GOD would place his creation in your hands! 

6. Other times you wonder how GOD could trust you with something so PERFECT!

7. This picture for me embodies two very important things in my life: Family and Faith.

8. Most days Caleb is fearless and ready to take on the world...I've learned to cherish the days that he is unsure and seeks the guidance of his mommy and daddy!

9. The world is place of magic and wonder...I feel truly blessed to be a part of it!

These photos brought to you by the graces of my wonderful new Nikon P90, fabulous photography and editing teachers like Lynn Weber and Katrina Kennedy, fun photo textures and actions by Emily Powers and Coffee Shop Actions and an amazing husband who allowed me to spend all of our money on those! 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Fences Make Great Neighbors...

Its the second day of Get It Scrapped's month long Get It Blogged Challenge, and today Sharyn Tormanen has challenged us to blog about neighbors...

You know...for the longest time I never really understood this quote.  Maybe this is because most of my adult life I lived in apartments and never really had a fence.  Instead I shared 4 walls with my neighbors, sometimes I was forced to listen to their music or their fights, other times I was forced to smell their fantastic breakfasts.  One year we lived in an apartment that had the heating coils in the floor and we lived on the bottom and never had to turn our heat on because the heat from the apt above was roasting us alive!  Then my husband and I's lives began to evolve: We had animals and a child and soon we longed more and more for a fenced yard of our own!

When we moved into our first house almost two years ago, we didn't know anyone.  And at first it didn't matter because we HAD A HOUSE, WITH A YARD and A FENCE!  Then one day after we'd settled in Lynnette knocked on our door and like an idiot I made her stand on the doorstep without inviting her in while she introduced herself and her family and told us about the community we were living in.  She brought us a wonderful bread basket and welcomed us to drop by anytime.  We became very good friends with Lynnette and her husband David, and her daughter and son -in-law Amy and Bruce, who lived in their basement apartment.

Some mornings I would wake up and Bruce was clearing the snow off our driveway or David had wheeled out our garbage can.  David helped us to fix our sprinkling system and had taken the liberty of making all of the repairs to our fence.  They put up with our barking dogs, whose spot in our garage was a mere 20ft from their bedroom window.  And Amy and I had become great scrapbooking buddies! So naturally we were saddened when we saw the for sale sign in their yard last fall.  Now empty nesters they had decided that they no longer needed the space of their 6 bedroom home and were moving into something smaller.

We still see the Paganos from time to time, they visit my work regularly and Amy and Bruce are in our Ward still.  But we are sad to have them leave!  However, I think the best way to honor them, and the memories that they left us with... is to strive to be great neighbors just like they were!  So this year when my husband and I make the repairs to our fence I will think about how "Good Fences Make Good Neighbors", maybe not in the sense that this quote's author had intended, but it will remain true for me just the same!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Makeover: Ten Quick Ways to Makeover Your Photos!

As part of Get It Scrapped's second dose of the Get It Blogged Challenge, I am introducing Makeover Mondays!!! Each Monday during the month of March, you will not only receive a new "makeover" challenge, but you will also be able to refer to my blog for some fun tutorials to help you on your way! For more info about playing along, visit the Get Blogging Forum at Get It Scrapped!  This Monday we are making over our Photos! And here are some great ways to give your photos some extra oomph!

Ten Quick Ways to "Makeover Your Photos"! here's the photo I started with of my little snow angel Caleb--straight out of the camera!  Wow... look at those rosy cheeks!

Now let's see look at some simple ways to give this photo a little makeover!

1. Basic Editing can go a long way!  By simply adjusting the contrast, levels, sharpness and color, you can give your photos a real leg up! I've also toned down the red in his cheeks a little and brightened the photo up a bit.

2. Color Conversion can give your photo a flawless look, while also creating great contrast and a completely different feel.  Both Black and White and Sepia are common choices...I especially love them for snow photos because I love the contrast and do you see how perfect those cherub cheeks look!

3. Actions can make a world of difference in a matter of seconds!  This one is Golden Vintage from Coffee Shop .

4. Vignettes not only draw attention to your subject and help to disguise empty or distracting backgrounds, but also bring a bit of drama to your photos.

5. Photo Textures and Overlays help to convey a certain tone in your photograph, and can be extremely useful to those of us without all of the fancy photo equipment to achieve certain effects on our own.  Check out this awesome photo texture by Emily Powers, "Sleet" from her Photology 2.0 pack.  It not only adds a wonderful texture and a playful tone, but it comes complete with built in lens flare!

6.  Selective Coloring is a great way to draw attention to a specific object in your photo or to intensify the already brilliant colors present in your photo.

7. Frames can give photos a finished look, and often help to tie them into their intended backgrounds, this one is by House of 3.

8. Text allows you to clarify your photo's message or meaning, while adding a bit of flair.

9. Sketches can give your photo a completely different look and feel.  Depending on the type of sketch you choose, they can set a tone ranging from playful to regal and they allow you to literally turn your photos into art!

10. Other Fun Photo Effects, like the "scraped windshield"  I've created below, can really take your photos to the next level, while also allowing you to have a little bit of FUN!

Give one or all of these Fun Photo Makeovers a try!  And if you're looking to learn more about Photo Editing then check out Lynn Weber's great array of Photo Editing classes, available in self-paced format, at Get It Scrapped!
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