Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Us: Thru the Years

Today's prompt for the Get It Scrapped's month long blog challenge came from Sharyn Tormanen, and she challenged us to flashback and take a look at where were this time throughout the years! 

My life truly began when I married my husband 4 year ago...so this seemed like a natural starting point for me to begin my journey back in time...and as I flipped through the folders of photos on my computer, I began to notice a theme...each year around this time we added something special to our lives...Have a look!

click on the image for a larger view

In 2006 I found the missing piece in my life and we were married on February 24th.

In 2007, we adopted this adorable little puppy and named him Coda...today he weighs 150lbs, but is just as beautiful as the day we first saw him!

In 2008, our first child was born and our lives as a family were just beginning.

In 2009, we built this wonderful addition to our very first home that we had bought months earlier...now this family finally had a place to call home!

In 2010, our baby became a boy, who grows smarter and more talented every day.  And while I miss the days of cradling him in my arms...I am truly looking forward to the days filled with laughter and joy!

While I'm not a person who lives in the past...I do believe in keeping it, for we may never know who we are suppose to become, with out remembering where we started from!


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