Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Playing Well with Others: I Love a Good Collab!

Don't you just love when two of your favorite things come together to create something incredible?!

Like Cookie Dough and Ice Cream or Jay Z and Coldplay (give it a listen...I think you'll like it)--I can't get enough of these two digital designers. And though I'm not sure how they would feel about being likened unto the previously named items...I think they're a match made in heaven in their collaboration Dialogue!  That's right I'm talking about Paislee Press and One Little Bird Designs.

I find that Paislee Press' clean and contemporary designs often bring order to my sometimes chaotic style:
Featuring "Serendipity" by Paislee Press

While One Little Bird's cozy elements, paired with hip color schemes--always seems to be perfect for every layout:
Featuring "Confessional" by One Little Bird Designs 

Together, their variety of elements and papers almost never have me reaching for another kit to complete a layout!
Featuring "Dialouge" by Paislee Press and One Little Bird Designs

Thank You Gals for creating all of these yummy products...what would a digi scrapper like me do without them ;)  If you haven't checked these designers out, visit their stores at Oscraps...they're on spolight for the month of they've got lots going including challenges and freebies!  Don't miss out!


peppermint said...

Oh my gosh, this is so sweet! I think Liz and I make a great team, too. I try to convince her we should just create all our products together but she's not taking the bait yet. LOL

Amy Kingsford said...

Your styles compliment each other so well...not the same, but there's definitely synergy there!

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