Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here's Looking At You Kid...

As my son Caleb celebrates his third birthday today, I find that I have cause to stop and remember our journey together. As I am reminded of the past three years, I am both amazed and delighted by the fact that we've made it this far--through the good times and the we are.  Three years older, wiser and richer in love!   Here's looking back at you kid...

When you were BORN, you were content and alert...some might say the perfect baby.  

When you were ONE, you were playful and sweet--always amused by the simplest and sometimes, strangest things.

When you were TWO, you were stubborn and wild, but with a sense of humor that trumped all! 

And now that you're THREE, I'm not sure what's in store...but one thing is for certain: "IT WILL BE AN ADVENTURE!"

Thanks for joining me in saying... Happy Birthday Caleb!


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