Monday, December 6, 2010

Countdown to Baby...Day 1

Before November 26th, I had several fun crafting projects dreamed up, a December Daily to finish making and several Holiday activities planned with my family...however all of those things came to an abrupt halt when I spent an unexpected day and half in the hospital the day after Thanksgiving.  Instead for the last week, my life has been filled with the "Adventures in Bedresting."  And while I find I'm still able to enjoy several activities from my cozy queen bed, like digital scrapbooking and watching the archives of several TV shows that I have always wanted to see, but never have time for--I must admit the bulk of my time is spent sleeping.  Adventurous...right?!

However in order to keep my motivation up and to remind me of the prize at the end of this long journey...I've decided to do a little countdown and share some of the small tasks that I'm completing in preparation for our little bundle of joy!

Today I went through all of Caleb's old clothes, and organized them by size, discovering that there was really no need to buy Jasper any new clothes, as he currently has a full drawer of gowns, sleepers, onesies, etc--all washed and ready to go!   I have to admit it was very nostalgic looking through all of Caleb's baby clothes, and perhaps just what I needed to remind me of all the special memories still waiting to made with our second son!


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