Thursday, December 9, 2010

Countdown to Baby...Day 4

I know it's been a few days...but trust me...we're still here and the countdown is still very much in effect ;)  On Monday my mother helped me to put a little character into Jasper's room, by bringing home these fun wall stickers...

I was not only ecstatic to get out of bed for the 20 minutes it took us to put them up, but even more elated by the realization that very soon our precious little Jasper would be sleeping in that very room!  The small task had such a dramatic effect on the room and on me...because once I had unleashed the creativity that has been bottled up for the past week and a half, then of course all of these "other ideas" came popping into my head!

...Which mainly meant a whole lot more work for my husband over the next few days...I mean if we were going to give Jasper's room a little makeover, then what were we going to do with Caleb's room, so that he would feel appreciated and loved?!

The answer seemed simple enough...CARS!  But three paint jobs and $150 later...I didn't think that my husband would ever go for one of my "ideas" again.  Luckily all he had to see was the look on Caleb's face when he walked into his new room and thankfully all was forgiven!  My contributions were limited to  two hand-made checkered flags and a few hundred free-hand dotted lines around the border...all of which took less then a half-hour, stacked against daddy's two and half days of hard work and labor.  But that's why daddies are so cool right?!  


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