Monday, February 1, 2010

All About the LOVE!!!

Wow I guess its been a while...hasn't it! January was a very scrappy month for me!  With Project tutorials and published los, guest design spots and Creative Team los,  a huge online crop and so many great challenges--you could say my January was all bout the SCRAPPY!

This month will be no exception as far as crazy goes, only instead of being all about the scrappy...February is of course all about the LOVE!  With Caleb turning 2 this week, and Valentine's Day coming up, as well as Jake and I's Anniversary, later on in the month--we are reminded of the greatest of all blessings that we have in our lives!  We are truly lucky to have so much love!  So I'm taking a step back this month to appreciate all of it, but not to worry...all that love, is sure to give me something to scrap about! 


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