Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yo-yo Madness

I had seen them everywhere: on scrapbook layouts and headbands, on necklaces and handbags.  They were quite simply the most adorable thing ever!  I bet I could make those, I said to myself...not even knowing a name by which to call them...

It wasn't long after that I took Tania Willis'  Beautifully Handmade Embellishments class at Get It Scrapped, when I would find out:  that the name for these little puffs of cuteness were Yo-yos and once I knew how...they were simple as could be to make!  Soon I was covering everything with them, scarves, tutus, bookbags you name niece soon wanted every stitch of clothing she owned adorned with them! And I was happy to oblige!

Have you been wondering how to add these adorable little embellies to all of your projects?  Well then heres your chance:  Tania Willis' is not only re-offering her class "Beautifully Handmade Embellishments" this month, but she's giving away a pass for free!  Hop on over and find out how you can WIN!!!  And the fun doesn't stop with the Yo-yos...NO!  Learn to make all sorts of fabulous embelishments for your scrapbook layouts and more!


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