Monday, August 31, 2009

The Finale

For our final blog challenge for August, Michelle at GIS has prepared the following list for Make a List Monday so you can play along too! Just Copy my list and add your own answers or visit for Michelle's original list.

Today I am looking out at the pergola in my backyard
Today I might cook steak and lobster...yum
Today I am reading my GIS buddies' blogs
Today my biggest priority is to get our car registered (nothing like waiting til the last minute)
Today I hope to see anywhere outside of my house
Today I hope to talk to one of my friends
Today I have already seen/talked to does my son count?!
Today I am watching HGTV...all day
Today I am dreaming that there were 48 hours in a day
Today I am wearing my pajamas...which reminds me I should go change!
Today my mood is lazy
Today I am going to go camping in my backyard with my son!


mollie said...

You took photos of camping with your son didn't you? That sounds like a fun blog post. :)

I've just so enjoyed your August posts Amy ... keep up the good work! Hopefully I will see you around the GIS site.

scrapweaver said...

You did so great doing all of these Amy! Such fun reading and a beautiful blog. Thanks for playing!

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