Monday, August 31, 2009

My Creative Process

I'd love to ramble on about this grand series of events that leads me to my creative destiny...but the truth of the matter is...most of my los, or projects, etc are born by simply wanting to use one single item...a photo, an embellishment...even something so simple as a font I happen to like. Then this simple inkling turns into a "full blown-hair-brained-Amy" idea (generously nicknamed by my DH). I never use the same process twice...I often wonder if I'd be a better scrapper if I did...but it's what works for me, as I'm sure over the years you've found what works for you. My creative process is ever-changing, as is my's too short to make the same layout twice!

Today I had an urge to use a piece of art that my son and I completed at our local childrens museum. You know the feeling...your fridge is crawling with crayon drawings and splatter paintings...but what to do with them to make room for the next I throw them out? Never.... I couldn't even think of we store them...where...oh here and there. Well I've got an idea that will help you put these to good use. Use them as patterned paper in your los, of course! Crayon drawings and splatter paintings work for any number of themes (i.e. school, kids, art journal, etc).


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