Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eventually...but not Today!

One day I will quit my job and be a SAHM!!!
Do you ever have days at work that are so bad that you decide that this is the day you will quit your job...and be a SAHM! First you start by figuring out everything you have to pay off...then you start thinking of what you will have to give up...then you start getting a little giddy when you realize it just might be possible...then you start thinking of what you will do with all your spare time (as if parents really have spare time, when there children are awake!)...then you mention the idea to someone and kaboom, all of your plans are torn to shreds by one person's inability to live the dream. They say something like what about food...oh I'm going to stop eating...I need to lose weight anyway! Or will you still be able to afford insurance...well we're all gonna have universal health care anyway right (at least that's what everyone in the break room and the checkout lines and well just about everywhere else I go is complaining about...so I'll just hold out for that! (I'm not really that naive on the issue, but we often find ourselves pretending to be when looking for a particular outcome)...Or what about gas...got it covered I'm not going to ever leave the house...Hey if I have diet coke and a stock pile of adhesives and diapers then I've got everything I need! Okay... So I know that right now my wishes of being a SAHM are not really rational...but a girl can dream right...besides how would I afford all of the great scrappy stuff I get each month...okay back to work...people need to eat...right!


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