Monday, August 17, 2009


For this week's Monday List, Michelle challenges us to search the deepest darkest corners of our family's secrets and share a list of "Family-isms". The only problem is that our "family-isms" are more like a language all its own, that my husband and I have compiled of "isms" over the years--some from his family--some from mine---and some that just manifested out of the blue! So the list might go on and on...but I'll just choose a few of our favorite to share with you.

1. "Mech...." (This means...owell, no doesn't matter) I say "Do you want mashed potatoes or rice?" My husband replies, "mmmm mech".

2. "Cajum Baby, Jay-chub, and Miamy" (These are our nicknames for one another)

3. "It's tired in here..." (or hungry or any other adjective we like to interject)

4. "Smashelface" (we originally used this term when we saw our son's fist 4D sonogram, but now we use it when he smashes his face up against windows, screens, and the mesh in his play pen!

5. "Super-Cagelistic-Wonderful" (I said this while in labor after they had to give me something to calm my nerves and it just sorda stuck...I think I was trying to say super califragulistic...but got confused somewhere inbetween!) I said "I feel absolutely super-cagelistic-wonderful.

6. "Warsh" (As in"I need to warsh my clothes"..."or where's a car warsh")
7. "Duggas and Ditties" (my son's words for doggies and kitties)

8. "Nonner do it" (we say this when we want to do something ourselves without help...because my nephew Jonathon (Nonner) used to say it all the time!)

9. "adding ink on the end of a word instead of in or ing" (As in "I'm starfink...where are the muffinks?"

10. "Good Shower," (just like good morning or good afternoon...we like to wish people good shower!)

Somedays I worry that our children will be devastated when they find out that "Mech" isn't a real word and won't understand when people look at them funny when they say "isn't today just simply super-cagelistic-wonderful," but at least they'll be unique and until then at least we'll have some family fun!
"SMASHELFACE" photo of Caleb Collard by Amy Kingsford


Sharon said...

I never knew Smashelface could be so darn cute!!

scrapweaver said...

Love it! The photo is the perfect touch and now you can scrap it with the perfect title! Thanks for playing Amy!

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