Monday, August 17, 2009

A Happy Median

Todays August Blog Challenge was simply to write about our day to day life...and for me, I think Tami said it best when she referred to her online life as "the life I'm beginning to prefer."

Isn't it crazy how you can do everything online nowadays...without ever having to leave your house or come in contact with anyone other than those sparkling faces you know and love!? So your hungry...order Dominos need to pay a bill...use your online banking...girls night it up online! It seems so perfect right?!

So I've been struggling with time management lately...the age long conundrum of getting everything that you need and want to, done in a day! All around me are these super women...who are raising their children, running their own businesses at home or even working two jobs, going to school, cooking and cleaning for their families and still having time to go camping or finish a scrapbook page! Granted half of them don't know who you are [Tami]. But I've come to realize that while my online life helps me to cut down on some of those time consuming tasks like running errands or cooking has also become somewhat of a "time sucker" lately. Before you know it your checking your facebook page 20 times in an hour and spending half a day just surfing the web, yet you still have the nerve to ask...why can't I get anything done!

So last night I took my first step towards integrating "my online life" with "my everyday life" by joining a couple of old friends that I had reconnected with on Facebook. I figured instead of spending half a day taking nonsense quizzes on FB, why not send a quick message and spend some time with my most special FB friends, right...while eating dinner...oh yeah I'm multi-tasking now! And it was a blast catching up with all of my old friends too!

So the moral of the online life is crucial for the modern day super long as I don't let it overshadow all of the things that need attention in my everyday life!


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