Sunday, June 14, 2009

Taking it Slow

When I first tried on hybrid scrapbooking for size, I found that taking it slow, was definitely the way to go! Sometimes when you just jump right into it without a clear objective...hybrid scrapbooking can sometimes look like a clash of the titans! If more of your heart belongs to digi, then start by creating a digital layout, printing it off, and adding a few tactile elements to give it some depth. Like I've done here with this bragbook that I'm making for my niece (pardon my horrible webcam photo!). I used Sweet Shoppe Design's April Showers Bragbook templates and then created my own album front and back using PSE 7. I then added ribbons, flowers, and beads to make this mini album really pop! If you're more of a paper girl, then start with a paper layout and then raid your digi stash for alphas, journaling spots and brushes, that will bring everything together! If you approach hybrid scrapping slowly, you can start to get a good feel for melding the two genres. I think that the key is to bring these two methods together by allowing one to accent the other.


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