Friday, September 2, 2011

The Fun Has Just Begun...

After a month off to spend time with our families, Debbie Hodge, Tami Taylor and myself are back at it again for another great year at Masterful Scrapbook Design!

Debbie has just posted September's Seminar and it is packed with over 50 pages of useful information and amazing inspiration from 5 fabulous guest teachers!  Joining us for the month of September to talk about "Design Play" is Emily Pitts, Vivian Maskett, Kayleigh Wiles, Lisa Dickinson and Amy Mallory!

But that's not all we'll have this month...nope!  

Members will also get:
  • 8 great articles that take a closer look at both the elements and principles of design. 
  • 5 live webinars, each with one of our fabulous guest teachers.
  • 2 galleries of inspirational layouts from our guest teachers complete with tips, techniques and insights.
  • 1 live member spotlight webinar. 
So what are you waiting for...hop on over to Masterful Scrapbook Design and join us for a month filled with Design Play!


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