Monday, August 1, 2011

Mojo Monday: 3 Things I Can Count on to Motivate Me after a Scrappy Hiatus

We all know how it goes...

Summertime means swim lessons and soccer practice, family vacations and day trips, yard work and upkeep. And as a result a few things get put on hold.

For me it was  Facebook, Twitter, Blogging (as you may have noticed)...and yes at times even scrapbooking...GASP!

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The hard part is not putting things on hold when it comes to your scrapbooking...its the momentum that you lose when you do! How many of you find when you return to scrapbooking after an illness, or a trip, or even after a fun filled summer--that you just don't know where to begin?

Well there are three things I can always count on to jump start my creativity and motivate me to get scrappin' again.

1. A Clean Work Space
There is just something about a clean desk and organized supplies that scream "Come and Play!" Its not that I'm a neat fact I'm almost rolling on the floor with laughter at the thought!  But for me a clean work surface means that I have room to pull out more stuff!

After cleaning my own workspace I was reminded of lots of fun product that I had forgotten about!  For a few tips on how I aim to create an inspiring space...check out my Workspace Makeover Series.

2. A Treasured Memory or Photo
Having trouble getting started of your favorite memories or photos from recent times is a great place to start!  The story and emotions associated with this memory will be fresh in your mind and sure to get the ball rolling!

I loved this photo that I took of Caleb this summer, just after we cut all of his hair soon as I took it I couldn't wait to scrapbook it!

3. A Class or Project
Still not cranking out those pages...then maybe its time to create some motivation by beginning a new class, or project.  Learning new techniques or being inspired by a new project or challenge can help to fan those mojo flames and get you back on track.

This was one of the 6 layouts I completed the other day, while listening to scrapbookers Dina Wakley, Kayleigh Wiles, Doris Sander, Noell Hyman, Amber Ries, Amy Mallory and Melanie Grimes talk about their processes in 3 hours of live webinars recorded for August's Smorgasbord  issue at Masterful Scrapbook Design.  Seeing all of their work and listening to their tips and tricks really helped me to muster up the desire to scrap.

So if you're looking to get your mojo back on track after a summer of memory making, give one or all of these tips a try!

Wishing you all a Very Merry Monday!


Marina said...

Hi Amy, I'm a new follower. Really love your scrapping style! Awesome layouts! Thanks for the mojo tips too :)

Amy Kingsford said...

Thank you Marina for stopping by and for following!

Kiwi The Kreator said...

I love your pages but that "Hunk" and "Heir" pages...GAUgeous!!!! Is that a tattoo on your foot? I'm QUITE feelin' that, lady!!!

Amy Kingsford said...

Yep...I felt it! You are so sweet...I have to confess that these latest pages were all made while sitting down to the webinars by YOU and the other ladies who joined us this month! You all are so inspiring! Of to go check out your latest kreations!

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