Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Words of Wisdom: Stuff My Kid Says

Now that my son is at the ripe old age of three-and-a-half...he is really starting to talk!  Everyday now he's learning new words, mis-pronouncing those same words, and repeating words he shouldn't...LOL!  Regardless, I am so proud of him, because just six months ago most people outside of our family had a very difficult time understanding his own little language.

This is a huge reminder to me about how quickly things change and how important it is to record all of these fun memories while we can!

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In my layout "10 Caleb-isms" I listed a few of our son's favorite sayings at the age of 3.  Every time I read through these I not only can't help but chuckle, but I'm also reminded of all of the things he says that didn't make this list.

Tip: Try reflecting on the special, funny, or unique things you and your loved ones say to each other in your next layout.

And for those of you wondering--here's Caleb's "Secret Decoder Key":
"What's Wroggy"...what's wrong?
"I Peshu" ... I'm special.
"Crap-It"... damn it.
"Chamich" ... sandwich.
"Tooey" ... I tooted.
"Homon Daddy" ... come on daddy.
"Ga-ma" ... grandma.
"La-boo" ... I love you.
"Jassar Baby"... Jasper.
"Color Lello" ... that's cool. 


Mary Ellyn said...

What a great idea for a page! You and your son will really appreciate this later. I find that my kids (now 20 & 16) truly appreciate stories and mementos from their baby/toddler years and you will find that as the years go on you can't remember everything (no, really!) and you will be so glad you documented special things like this.

Amy Kingsford said...

Thanks Mary Ellen I totally agree! Right now it seems as though I will never forget all of these cute and funny things that my boy says...but as the years pass by I'm sure there will many more memories to replace it will be great to have them recorded! Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your comment :)

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