Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Makeover: 5 Ways to Re-Use Your Product Packaging

Are you one of those scrapbookers that loves to keep your product packaging because some of it is simply too beautiful to throw away!? Well I know I am! If you're like me, make sure to give a few of these ideas for re-purposing your product packaging a try!

#1- Try creating your very own designer tag from a product sales tag—simply cover the parts of the tag you may not want to show (i.e. the price or the collection name by adding small elements ) and let the parts of the tag you admire, shine through! This tag is from the Devonshire Collection by Kaiser Craft.

#2- I absolutely love using my leftover plastic packaging from charms, brads, etc for mini disposable palettes. The small wells are perfect for one time use on small projects or most can be easily washed and re-used if you are so inclined.

#3-Prima’s packaging is just as beautiful as their products and makes for great photo mats and frames.You may have to strategically place a few items to cover up manufacturer information but this packaging’s rich colors and die cut designs make it hard to throw away!

#4-Kaiser Craft’s stickers come packaged in plastic zip pouches that can be easily stored in a binder. Once you’ve used up these beautiful stickers, why not put this purposeful packaging to use. There is a number of scrapbooking supplies that could be stored in these wonderful pouches or get a head start on back-to-school shopping and give them to your children to store their school supplies in!

#5- Some packaging like those that accompany elements from Sassafras, Basic Grey, Prima and even Tim Holtz are perfect to use as journalers, strips or even small accents. Their designs range from graphic to shabby chic, but are the perfect size to add a little bit of zing to your pages!

There are so many uses for your packaging…hopefully these ideas will encourage you to search for more  ways to use your product packaging in your layouts!  Have more ideas...please feel free to share them in the comments below!


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