Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Makeover: Making Over Your Workspace (Part One)

They say the first step to overcoming any obstacle in your life is to acknowledge the problem and confront it head on!  So it would make sense that before we can have that beautifully inspiring workspace we've always dreamed of, that we must first acknowledge the problems with our current space and address them one by one!  Even if the problems in your space seem small now...just remember what you may end up with if you let them pile up on you!  So why not take the first step towards taking control, by assessing your current workspace, TODAY?!

My Stash Two Months Ago--How Did I ever Find Anything in That Mess?

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Can I create easily and comfortably in my current workspace?
  • Is my current space of sufficient size for my crafting needs? 
  • Do all of my supplies have a home in my current workspace?
  • Do I have a clear surface large enough to work on in my space?
  • Have I purged my stash of products that I will never use?
  • Do I know what I have and if its still usable?
  • Do I feel inspired to create by my surroundings? 

If you answered all of these questions with a YES, then congratulations--you're in better shape than the rest of us ;) If you answered a few of these question with a NO then you may have a few things you want to consider--if you answered most or all of these questions NO--then like me--you may have your work cut out for you...but not to worry I'm here to tell you: you CAN have the space you always wanted and maintain it too!

Take a peek at my action plan!

So your homework for the week is to go back over the list of questions above and decide what needs to change in order for you to answer each question with a "yes." Using that information draft a realistic set of goals, as well as, a list of actionable steps to take in order to reach those goals. Once you have a clear plan of attack you will be prepared to TAKE CONTROL of your space!

Want more...well you're in luck!  Click on the links below for the rest of this four-part series!

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