Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inspired By...Pretty Faces

I am in love with the trend of "silhouettes" that is sweeping over the photography, scrapbooking and craft worlds, as of late.  As I was browsing through Etsy, I ran across this fun little shop that specializes in custom silhouette prints and ceramics called Pretty Faces.

Photo Source: Pretty Faces

Not only would I love to have one of these pendants with my boys' silhouettes on them--but I got to thinking about how much fun it would be to use their silhouettes on a scrapbook page--and as a result, the following layout was born!

Digital Designs by One Little Bird Designs

To make my own layout-ready silhouette of my son I: 

1. Found my photo
2. Extracted the subject in my photo editing software.
3. Clipped a favorite digital paper to the extracted image.
4. Added a bit of definition to my silhouette with a stroked outline.

Need more help with making your own silhouette for your scrapbook pages?  Splendid Fiins has a wonderful tutorial available for making your own silhouette portraits, which includes tips on getting the perfect photo and turning it into a silhouette; a swoop brush set for that great head bust look; and backgrounds and mats for mounting your silhouettes on-- check it out here

A BIG thanks to Pretty Faces  for the inspiration! Stop by her shop to have a look...and I think you'll be inspired too! 


Patrice said...

What a great idea! I'm going to try that for a layout for my granddaughter!

Amy Kingsford said...

awesome...I'd love to see it!

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