Monday, January 4, 2010

Where's Bubba?!

Can you find Bubba?  Ill give you one clue...Caleb loves to cuddle with this at night...I bet you think you have the right answer, but what if I told you this game is less like "Where's Waldo" and more like that game show "To Tell the Truth" in which a panel of four celebrities are challenged to correctly identify a person with an unusaul job or talent, amongst two imposters, simply by asking questions to which the imposters may lie but the real person must tell the truth.  Or what if I told you that this is a trick question all together, because according to my two year-old son Caleb, they're all "Bubbas!" 

That was a fond memory of 2009, Bubba this and Bubba that, all of it inspired of course by the Bubba on the far left.  But I was quickly reminded that 2009 has past and a new year is upon us, this morning, when my son said ten new words, including Milk and Bear, in the course of fifteen minutes!  There may only be one Bubba from this day on, and though that will make things easier on all of us in the Collard home...I will miss the days of many Bubbas!


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