Monday, August 10, 2009

WISH list

Its Make a List Monday again at Get it Scrapped and Michelle Houghton writes:

List making always makes me think of a poem I wrote in fourth grade. The assignment was to write a poem "If I could have three wishes" There was no structure just the idea of being granted three wishes. Even as a fourth grader mine stuck out as a little different. I actually thought about it and did not ask for money and fame, or more wishes, but a true friend, and love. My mom kept the poem and I have since scrapped it. But it is very telling of me even today.

I too am fond of making wish lists, in fact I think I have one at every online scrappy store that I frequent! But today as I rack my brain I can think of only one wish I'd like to share with all of you. I WISH FOR SUMMERTIME TO LAST JUST A WHILE LONGER! It feels like summer only just began and now our children are going back to school, the leaves are beginning to fall again and every where you look stores are beginning to ready for the fall and winter holidays! Could it be gone already? To help me celebrate summertime I made this layout and a list of things I love about summer!

The Ten BEST Things About Summer

1. Going Swimming
2. Lemonade
3. Tank Tops and Shorts
4. Bicycling
5. Summer Evening Walks
6. Vacations
7. Fireworks
8. Grilled Food
9. Family Get-Togethers
10. And lots of FUN!


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