Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who Has The 411

So I'm looking at adding a few products to my scrappy arsenal and would love to hear what everyone thinks about these items. If you own one, what you like or don't like about them, if you've heard buzz about them, if you've used them, hey even if you want one too! I want the 411 girls!


What kind should I get?I've heard of Maya Mists by Maya Road and Glimmer Mists by Tattered Angels...are there others you just love? Are the mists fairly easy to use? Any of them come in sets?


Tim Holtz or Heidi Swapp? Do you have other favorites? How about making your own...what do you use? Any tips or techniques you'd like to share? What mediums have you used with the masks?


Okay, first off...do you use it enough to make it worth the purchase? Is it easy to use? Are the supplies costly? Are the starter bundles a better value? Can you use it with any size book...or only standard sizes?


How does it stack up to the Cricut or Slice? Are the extra features worth the money? Can you use the images you already have on your computer, if they are converted to a certain file or just the fonts? Are the accessories and images costly? Does it only cut or will it apply adhesive and magnet to cutouts as well? Which personal cutting machine do you prefer?

I would love to hear your comments, preferences, complaints, suggestions and advice on any or all of these products! So don't be afraid to weigh in...even if you've heard something thru a friend of a friend of friend or maybe you are secretly pining over one of the products as well...I look forward to hearing what you have to say!


Tami said...

fantastic job with the lines!

Here's my take..
Spray Mists: I own three.. glimmer mists, maya road mists and Airdonack (sp?) .. I think I like Maya's best and glimmer mists last.. I reach for the airdonack (by ranger) the most but I think it's more because I bought better colors in that brand..

Masks: I have tim holtz and they don't IMO work very well with spray inks unless you spray lightly and do several coats rather than a heavy (wet) one coat..

Bind-it-all: I really like mine.. I'm not a big minibook person but found it cool to use for other things like a chore book for my kids LOL and I intend on using it for my art journal .. I got it on ebay pretty inexpensive :)

Silhouette: I have a wishblad which is similar but different software.. mine has a little larger learning curve.. I got it over the cricut because i didn't want to have to buy cartridges (more $) but I guess cricut has software now too? someone else will need to chime in..

good luck and have some fun shopping!

Sharon said...

Here's my take - I use Adirondack mists when I mist, which is rare. I like the control factor, I like to just use Tim Holtz's ink pads on the stamp cloth he makes to liquify your ink, and then smear it around my masks. Then any mask will do - including the ones you make yourself.
Zutter - I do not own one, never thought I'd use it enough BUT... I teach at a store where the owner will make me one custom ordered anytime I want one, so it's a win/win.
As for the new cutter? I'm just tired of buying the new and advanced in everything when the old stuff does the same thing (or my scissors!!) for a lot less money.
HTH Sharon

askings said...

I here you Sharon...I think thats why I've never bought a cutter...I can't justify the cost simply because I'm too lazy to cut things out myself...but then I see all the cool things they do so...I'm like... maybe I'll get one...so definitely back and forth on that one!

Celia said...

I only have Adirondack sprays because Dina said to get them for the Art Journaling and I only use them on my journals too scared to do other things with them- I am messy with them and don't want to wreck things.

The only cutters I have are the Creative Memories blades and scissors. There is a cricut at the Manhattan Scrapbook meetup but I'm too scared to use it- chicken hearted.

Well done on the techie challenge!

mollie said...

Amy ... good questions ... but since I'm only a digi-scrapper the only thing I can chime in on is the Bind-it-All. I bought mine at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon just a few weeks ago and haven't used it yet. It does look like fun and I think that I will enjoy having it.

I think you did great with the techie things! I love knowing how to draw the little line.

Tonja Trump said...

Ok I love the Glimmer Mists (I'm not a mister by any means either)! And I have the bind it all..SO dang handy to make mini albums and use for school projects..LOVE it!
I use the Slice for my die cuts now. It has replaced my Sizzix, sad but true.
Way to go on the techie part of your post too! Great way to tie in some scrappy!! ;)

Linda said...

Hey Amy, your techie work was great and your scrappy questions were good too.
Mists: I have the glimmer mists and the Adirondack kind. Don't really use them much but hope to do so more on cards.
Bind it all: I have one and it is fun and easy to use to make small notebooks which I bind my class lessons in. Also mini books too. It works well, but I don't use it too much.
Cutter: I have a Cricut Expressions and I love it. It is amazing what that machine can do.

Hope this helps in your shopping selections.

MaryC said...

I have a Bind it all and it is great. I use it often to make gifts for people and mini books, etc.
I have a Silhouette. I have had it since the came out. A few things about it: One, you are limited to 8" tall. Two, if you have Windows Vista, it will not run the software. This could be different on the newer one, so check first.
Third, the mats and blades are expensive if you use if often.
That being said, it works great and you can use any True Type font you have on your computer. AND you can draw your own designs to cut also.

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