Monday, August 3, 2009

My New and Improved Grocery List

So for the past year, since I had my son I have been content with sitting back and packing on the pounds...and taking no real course of action to prevent it. I would say to myself I want to lose weight...or my clothes don't fit...but instead of going to the gym or watching what I eat...the only thing I was prepared to do was buy bigger pants! But this Monday is different...because when I sat down to make my grocery list I had the help of Lean Cuisines new Meal Planning Tools...Its sooooo great because I can put in my information it tells me how many calories I am currently eating in a day, how many I should be eating and then generates several meal plans based on how many calories I want to cut back to...then it generates a shopping list for me too. Now I am a list maker so I sorda enjoy the thrill of making my own list, but this is just tooo here is my new and improved grocery list with some customizations.
Tortellini *Salad*Plums*LEAN CUISINE Chicken Marsala*LEAN CUISINE Baked Lemon Pepper Fish*Nonfat Milk*Honeydew*Oats Cereal*Italian Dressing*Caesar Dressing*Peaches*
Olive Oil*LEAN CUISINE Baked Chicken Florentine*Chicken Breasts*Margarine Spread*
Asparagus*Apricots*Chives*Basil*Bananas*Mixed-Grain English Muffins*Whole-Wheat English Muffins*Ricotta Cheese*Low Fat Cottage Cheese*Onions*Bananas*Parmesan Cheese*Peanuts
*Almonds*LEAN CUISINE Garlic Beef and Broccoli*Raspberries*Egg Substitute*Feta Cheese*
Cantaloupe*Mushrooms*Cucumber*Carrots*Tangerines*Beef Top Sirloin*Salmon*Blueberries* Red Potatoes*Blackberries*Mozzarella Cheese*Couscous*Canadian Style Bacon*Apples*Fat Free Cheddar *Garlic*Nectarines*Broccoli*Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt

..............Oh and of course lots of Diet Coke!


MaryC said...

Diet coke is the best of the sodas.
Thanks for sharing your list.

askings said...

You know it...there are things I can live without...but that is simply not one of them!

mollie said...

Love your macro photo of the strawberry ... yummy! And, I had not heard of the Lean Cuisine meal planning tools ... sounds like a great helpmate.

I can't live without my Caffine Free Diet Cokes either ... but, I've recently added Sprite Zero to my loves.

Celia said...

List looks good and loads of bananas!

Love the blog and that you are up to date with it too

Linda said...

Amy, congratulations on your determination to be better at what you eat. I am in the same boat and trying hard this week to follow a WW program. All of your food list sounds very good.

take a little piece of my art said...

Hi AMY! Melanie here from takealittlepieceofmyart.blogspot!!!Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!!

Good luck in your weight loss endeavor. I've been on a diet since Jan. and have lost 28lbs. gained 7 back and need to get back on track!!! I've got 20-25 more to lose!

I had to laugh when I read your bio about how you met your better half!!!! I met one of very good friends in a Walmart here in VT!!! I thought I was the only one that met people in Wal-Mart!!!!! :^D

askings said...

Wow Melanie....great job...I need to lose about 50lbs so I have a rough time ahead I'm sure...thanks for your support! I'll be checking in at your blog!

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