Friday, August 14, 2009

PEER Inspiration

Okay I know I'm kidding myself by calling people like Ali Edwards, Debbie Hodge, Jessica Sprague, Emily Powers and Doris Sanders my peers...but while I may not share the same skill level that these women execute in their los...I do share the same love for the hobby of scrapbooking and in this way we could be considered peers...right?! Doris from GIS wants to know how I am inspired to create and my answer is...YOU! Of course there is always a photo and a story...but most times those items find themselves on a 12x12 page after being inspired by the work of others...In magazines and galleries, in challenges and on blogs, everywhere I look I see inspiration and find myself saying...I want to try that...ooooh I like that style...what a fun technique...and I wonder how they did that? In this layout I was totally inspired by Emily Power's digital layout "Young Love" published in Memory Maker's final issue in the "Take Better Photos" editorial. And while I did switch things up a little...I must be truthful and admit that this was straight up scraplifted! I absolutely loved this layout and wanted one for myself!

While learning from experts like Doris and Emily, is an ideal place to can even find inspiration from everyday scrappers like yourself in online forums and galleries. Thats where I find I grow the most as a scrapper--by being involved in online communities and receiving daily inspiration from my fellow community members. With LauraBean's lo "Duck Landing" I was literally sucked into the beauty of this layout...I was taking my second digital scrapbooking class ever and LauraBean was a fellow classmate...I was new to digital scrapbooking and was looking for inspiration at every corner...when I came upon her lo in our class gallery...the minute I saw this lo I said to myself thats did she do that? Then next thing I know I'm purchasing a few of the key items she used to make her lo from Designer Digitals and I'm on my way to recreating her masterpiece.

I think the best thing about being inspired by your peers is you never get stuck in a rut. Naturally everyone has their own style...but do you ever find yourself looking at a group of los that you've done say over a months time and they all look oddly similar...I hate when that happens! If you constantly keep your eyes peeled for new inspiration you will never have this problem again and you'll never be afraid to try new things! The possibilities will be endless!

Layouts "XOXO" and "My Life Is" by Amy Kingsford, with inspiration by Emily Powers' "Young Love" and LauraBean's "Duck Landing".


doris said...

excellent idea! i should have posted that one too! and thanks! happy happy! :D

scrapweaver said...

You are doing an amazing job with all these challenges Amy! I love reading them all!

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