Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ms. Alexys, Both Witty and Wise!

My niece Lexy is a wealth of wisdom and wit(or brutal honesty as I like to call it)! She never fails to leave us all amused with her bold comments, unless of course we are the target of her unintended scrutiny! Luckily I have only felt the sting of her truthfulness once, but I am able to look back on it with laughter! She came into the bathroom one day while I was doing my hair and told me my hair looked pretty...sweet right, so I of course said thank you...then she asking"why is your bum soooo big?" A little stunned I replied by sidestepping the question, "well it got bigger after I had my son," but she called me on my excuse by saying, "well my mom has had two kids and her bums not that big...." Yeah, I had nothing...I wanted to go to my room and cry, but instead I decided to treat her with the maturity that she..well...did not display, by saying, "well I guess I must have ate a little more than your mommy did...huh?" And at that she said "oh, that's ok I like to eat a lot too!" Ouch right...well it could have been worse, but needless to say I started exercising and dieting the next day! Some other Lexy favorites are:

I don't want the fat doll!

Maybe he has to fart?

Grandma, you're really old!

Your house is messy!

How come you only have boring baby toys?
You use the computer you have webkinz too?

And of course...the infamous "ewwwh", when discussing, aything to do with kissing, underwear/diapers, or watching out for dog poo.

Lexy says the darnedest things...but we love you I say...keep on keepin' it real!


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