Friday, August 21, 2009

A Day at Joe's

Wow I guess its been a while huh?! Sorry guys...I'm doing a blog challenge at one of my "s-word"[s****booking] that shall not be mentioned in this blog, as per my previous promises to my wonderful family, sites. So our family blog has suffered some neglect as a result! But now to fill you in on what we've been up to! The Collard IIIs have spent this entire week winding down and allowing our sunburns to heal from our wonderful weekend of family fun at Joe's Valley, last Saturday. Caleb was the only one of us who managed to escape the suns wrath, and instead has a soft glowing tan of which I am severely jealous! And while my sister in law lost her glasses in the lake, our camera was full of sand, and grandpa Joe was unable to participate in our water actvities due to a leg injury...we still managed to have a blast--a la Collard! We were so happy to see Isaac, who has been busy working hard and taking care of his growing family, and we had lost of fun playing with his children Jenny (who had just had eye surgery and was not appreciative of Caleb's sand throwing, but is far too polite to have said anything), John (who is Caleb's new idol, he was simply in awe of John!) and tiny 3 mo. old Ellie (who slept most of the time despite the uncooperative winds, and whom I finally got a chance to precious!). Jaki was of course the master of ceremonies and treated us not only to a seamless day of fun, food and family, but also to a wonderful reunion of sorts. Jake's sisters Jesse and Sariah wowed us with their speed demon skills on the jetskiis and their wonderful babysitting skills as they entertained 4 kids simultaneously. Grandpa Joe blessed us with a wonderful prayer, but most importantly with his presence, even though he was not in the greatest of health.


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