Saturday, August 1, 2009

Changing Gears

So I got sorda overwhelmed with Tami's beautiful kits at Scrap this Kit, and totally forgot that the Designer Digitals DigiCrop is coming up this week! Ooops...and its been like a month since I've done an actual digi layout. Sure some photo creations and logo designs here and there, but no los...:( So I decided to put the beautiful kits aside...always within sight though... and change gears a bit. Don't worry Tami...I'm not giving up on you...these kits still have a good four los left in them each! Isn't that amazing...7 los and one project per kit...that's less than four dollars a dh would approve and I'm sure all of yours would too! Anyhow...where was I...Oh yes changing gears...So for the next week I will be familiarizing myself with PSE! And to get the ball rolling here is a lo of my grandmother, who just passed away last fall. I miss her terribly, but I know somewhere she is looking down and getting a good laugh at this layout!


Tami said...

that's a great LO
thanks for being so supportive of me I am so blessed to have friends like you.

askings said... are so sweet...but I think I am the lucky one...Debbie was right when she called you a "community builder"...when I did the Mother May I challenge with you...I really felt like I had found a place to belong at GIS...largely because of you! So thank you!

take a little piece of my art said...

I love ROSIE!!!!!!! I have her as a decal on my door on my dad's work van!!!! :)

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