Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Muse

My son Caleb is my muse as far as scrapbooking goes, he is so photogenic and fun, that I find that nearly 8 in 10 LOs are of him. Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing the world around me, when all that my camera lens finds is him, but all I have to do is get that perfect shot of him smiling and I know that his beatiful face is all I need to be inspired! His eyes inspired this layout. Infact this layout is how I found photoshop and found my fourth love! I wanted to use a b&w photo but turn just his eyes back to their original color of blue. Its hard to seen in this small of a photo, but it was an amazing effect, in fact we have a 12x12 of this framed on our wall, my husband loved it so much!
CREATIVE TIP: Try using the Reverse Black and White Tool (Smart Brush) in PSE to select parts of your photo to colorize, thus highlighting them.
"Baby Blue": MJV Frosted Alpha and Ck Lovenote fonts, Peppermint Creative Miss Mint Elements and Stamp, Memory Mixer Circle Border and Stitching, Ellie Lash Studio Paper.


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