Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monkey on Your Back?

Here my son is riding his life sized pandy bear and his stuffed monkey decided to tag along for the ride. As I have said before my son is a huge inspiration to me...even outside of scrapbooking. He never has any worries, and if he trips and falls he just gets back up and tries again. Children don't let the monkies on their backs get them down...no sir, they just keep riding!

"Monkey on Your Back..." Kpertiet's FlapJack Frolic Paper (Blue), Jessica Sprague's Festa Paper (green bubbles) and star sticker, Maleny Violette's Photo cornes, turners and journal strip, Janelle Paige's bunched brown ribbon, Susan Carroll's white rick rack, Pattie Knox's Clip It Brown paper clip. Rage, Capture It, and CK Rugged Fonts.


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