Thursday, March 12, 2009

Duggas and Ditties

So last night my husband and I started to discuss our travel plans for this spring, finding ourselves feeling the burden of having to make accomodations for our pets and wondering what life would be like if we could just pick up go whenever. But I immediately thought of my son, and his unconditional love for our animals and the layout Duggas and Ditties was born. Of course I finished the conversation with my husband before breaking into a sketch. But ultimately we realized that our animals are just like our children, in that while we may have to plan our lives around them, but we can't imagine what life would be like with out them! I completed this LO as homework for my second class of MDS, with pattie Knox.

CREATIVE TIP: Use the fill layer option in PSE to change the color of any overlay(or any png file that has a transparent background). Choose your foreground color then select fill layer and make your selections, its as simple as that. Just remember to click the Preserve Transperency box!

"Duggas and Ditties": Jessica Sprague's Home Away From Home Papers, Ali Edward's 12X12 Story Overlay, K Pertiet's Colored Pencil Brush, Shabby Princess' Wild Love Stamp, karabine and jane austen fonts from dafont, and CK rugged


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