Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Ways to Get Creative with Your Summer Memories

Once summertime rolls around I begin to shift gears from recording memories to making them.  Every year is filled with fun trips to the zoo, town celebrations, swimming pool and amusement parks--and I have my trusty camera with me every step of the way.

However once the fun is over--we start switching gears again--and its time to start getting those memories recorded on paper.  Besides your average summer layout, there are hundreds of ways you can help the days of summer to live on forever!  Below are just a few ways to get creative with your summer memories.

1. Make a pop art poster for your child's locker.
2. Make a re-usable summer calendar.
3. Turn your photos into comic or coloring Books
4.  Record your ten favorite things about summer.
5. Make a mini album for a specific summer event.
6. Make photo magnets.
7. Create a summer photo collage.
8. Create a "My Summer in Photos" post on your blog.
9. Make a "100 Days of Summer" Journal (May-Aug)
10. Create a summer smash book filled with all of your memorabilia.

Hope you all had a fabulous Summer!  Would love to see what you were up to this summer!  If you have a fun summer project or memory you'd like to share , please add a link in the comments!

Oh and don't forget to check out this month's "Photo Fun" technique from me over at the Danielle Young Designs blog.  You can download a free template to make your own summer wall poster and learn a fun technique to give your photos a cool "pop-art" look. Enjoy.


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