Thursday, April 7, 2011

Remembering...Your First Train Ride

As I was making this page of our son's first train ride back in November of last year, I began to think back to my own first encounters with trains.  Finding that without pictures or the stories of those who were older and wiser than I, it was difficult to remember the event.  Come to think of it I'm not sure I ever even rode a train as a child--though I have many recollections of having seen them.  Does the train at the zoo or Disneyland count?

I remember the model trains in my uncle's basement that he had made by hand.  I remember visiting Union Station with him to learn all about them.  I remember wearing my grandfathers railroad worker hat about the house when I was young...but still nothing of riding on trains.  Could it be that I shared the experience of my first train ride with my son just last year?

Vagabond by One Little Bird, available at Oscraps
Its moments like this that make me happy to be a scrapbooker!  Not only will my son have brilliantly colored pages to glance over as a child to remind him time and time again of the fun we shared, but when he is older he will have a record of those memories to share with his children!

How about you remember your first train ride?


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