Thursday, April 28, 2011

Breaking All The Rules: Get Creative With Your Block Designs

Block designs offer us a great way to mix patterns and colors in our design and to squeeze more photos onto a layout--all while lending a sense of order to our pages.

Products by Biograffiti and One Little Bird Designs Available at Oscraps

Because of their clean look you can get away with some pretty crazy things when sporting a block are a few case you feel like breaking the rules ;)

1. Get Loud... here's your chance to bust out those BOLD colors!

Products by Biograffiti and Aja Abney available at Oscraps

2. Make a Scene... Life isn't always so clean and simple, if you like a little bit of clutter in your life, try building a scene around your block design.

Products by HGD by Laurie Ann available at After 5 Designs

3. Get Busy... with your patterns, colors and embellishments I mean!

Products by Biograffiti and Emily Powers available at Oscraps

4. Walk on the Wild Side... Don't worry, by pushing your block design aside you can make it the center of attention! 

Products by Kitty Designs and Paislee Press available at Oscraps

5. Don't Be a Square... try filling in one or even a few of your blocks with something decidedly not square.

6. Get Busted... using your block designs to bust a single photo into several pieces is one surefire way to make sure all eyes are on your "prime suspect."

Products by ErinINK available at Mscraps

So how about it?!  When it comes to block designs do you keep on the straight and narrow or do you enjoy breaking a rule or two?


Tracy said...

I love that kind of layouts (block ones I mean). Will have to try and be a bit more adventurous.

Amy Kingsford said...

I love them too Tracy...whether you like things nice and tidy or you like to shake things up...they never really let you down! Thanks for stopping by!

Jeff said...
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{eleise} said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
{eleise} said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It gave me a chance to stumble onto your lovely blog!!! =)

PS. I'm pretty sure I could do a tie in a bigger size if needed =)

Also, so for all those deleted comments from me! My hubby kept signing me out of my account! =( lol.

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