Friday, December 4, 2009

On The Eighth Day of Christmas


Supply List

Scarf ($1.00)
Fabric and Lace Scraps
Premade Appliques and Embellies
Needle and Thread
Heat n Bond
Fabric Glue (may be needed)

Bring your friends and family a little warmth this COLD winter season, with their very own, one-of-a-kind, definitely made with love Winter Scarf (or gloves, and hats work too!) Peruse your local dollar store, or even the Walmart or Target in your area for low prices on winter basics. Then use your fabric scraps, pre-made appliques and embellies to jazz them up a bit, by adding a few personal touches. Start by raiding your stash and choosing fabrics, embellies, etc., whose colors, coordinate. Try using a variety of different prints and textures for a little bit of added interest! Now decide on a can draw it out on paper to create a pattern or you can simply move things about your article until you like the looks of it! Use Heat n Bond to adhere larger elements, like I have done with my lace applique, and a needle and thread for smaller elements such as flowers or butterflies. Once all of your elements are securely fastened then stand back and admire your work (and don;t forget a pat on the back for a job well done!) because you have just completed a beautifully handcrafted gift for someone special!

Interested in learning more about using fabrics in your projects and lo...or maybe you've been wondering which kind of fabric adhesive to use with what...or maybe you are just dying to learn how to make those adorable rag flowers (I know I was!)...either way Tania Willis' Scrapbooking With Fabric class (available at Get It Scrapped) is definitely for you! Enter to win $30.00 towards ANY Get It Scrapped! class by leaving a comment below!


Brenda Neff said...

Amy this looks so doable, even for someone that doesn't really sew like me.

Linda said...

Amy, I love daughter is so "scarf-happy" and this will be a perfect idea to put in her stocking. She has a big stocking mind you.

MaryC said...

Awesome girl! This rocks!

askings said...

minimal handsewing is all I've done here...very doable!

TraceyR said...

just one word for this one - CUTE!!

Chris aka Scrappylassie said...

LOVE THIS IDEA TOO!!!!!! ON my way to JoANN's! Thanks.

Gab said...

Never would have thought to do this! Wish I was on your gift list!!!

Keitha said...

I can't believe the variety of projects you've come up with; truly something for everyone! And you've done such a fabulous job with them - thanks again for such great ideas!

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