Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bragging Rights!

I'm not usually one to brag, but I'm gonna, because it simply must be said...My kid is definitely grosser than your kid (I hear there is a bumper sticker in the works)! Allow me to illustrate:

1. He eats cat food...but let's face it...who hasn't?!

2. He gargles his milk and more often than not spits it out at you when he's through.

3. He loves to play with cob-webs and even gives them as gifts.

4. He loves to roll around in dirty clothes and usually goes out of his way to dump his hamper in preparation for the event.

5. He hunts for treasures in the pile that I am currently sweeping off of the floor (often redistributing that which I've just swept, back over the floor.)

6. I always find him munching on food that I have no idea where it could have come from and once he has swallowed it, I must try very hard not to think about it!

7. He is a streaker...every time I turn around I find his clothes in a pile and he's running around the house like a crazy person...every once in a while I catch him trying to take off his pants in public!

8.He used to love to chew on shoes...something I thought only dogs did!?

9. He is ALWAYS picking his fact I am certain that one nostril is now noticeably larger than the other!

10. And finally the absolutely grossest thing ever....he decided to let mommy know that he needed a diaper change by reaching inside of it and handing mommy a surprise...ugh ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING...enough said!

So you think your Kid is gross then BRING It! But until then, my kid reigns supreme as the Grossest of the Gross *gushing with pride*


MaryC said...

Um...yuck! My kids are grown and girls so you win.
Fun post.

Tami said...

i don't think I'm upset to lose this.... ;)

Katrina said... DEFINITELY win! We tie on number 7 but that is it!!


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