Thursday, August 6, 2009

Born to be Bad?

A picture is worth a thousand words...but choosing the right words is simply priceless! Did you ever stop to think that maybe the worth of a picture is so high because it can be interpreted so many different ways...Doris at GIS is challenging us, this Thought Provoking Thursday,to look at our photos from every angle, in order to insure that our journaling captures the perfect perspective for our layouts.

I will be the first to admit to using the same photo on more than one can this be done you simply looking at it from a different point of view! Won't somebody notice and think that you've lost your camera or were too lazy to take new photos...not if you capture a totally different story!

I have chosen the picture on my left and after careful consideration decided that the that I wanted to approach my layout from a relationship perspective. This photo was taken when Caleb was 1 month old (now he is 18 mos old) and it should have been a pretty good inicator to us that he would have a certain fetish for glasses as he grew up. I remember this moment and how tough he looked wearing them...I should have known that one day soon that everytime he got his hands on a pair of shades, he would adorn an evil smile on his face as he slowly snapped them in two! So I used Caleb's relationship with glasses, as inspiration for this photo creation.

But truth be told there are several other perspectives I could have an historical perspective, in which I might have noted how tough he looked here at one month old and chosen another recent photo that shows his beautiful doe eyes and outrageous laughter with a caption that read "You thought you were so tough, but look whose laughing now!" Or maybe an event perspective in which I would talk about this being the first time Caleb met his Uncle Sctt and Aunt Jill and how his uncle was kind enough to lend Caleb his glasses for this memorable this case I would probably just leave the photo in its origianl form. And finally I could have simply looked at it from my own perspective which is...parents do some of the craziest things to thier kids, just to get a good photo...I would then pair it with some more photos in which we are mocking our child against his will...if he had a will.

A picture is worth a thousand go out and find the perfect words for your photos!


doris said...

awesome write-up! my favorite is that what parents do to their kids bit at the end. ha!

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