Saturday, July 11, 2009

TTV Effect: Frame Ups and Special Effects Day 5

I had never heard of the Thru the Viewfinder Effect until today's lesson at Jessica Sprague's FREE photo editing class, but now I am truly in love with this wonderfully vintage look. Apparently there is a new movement amongst photographers where they use the viewfinders of old cameras to produce that old photo look. The movement is becoming so popular that people are even creating textures that imitate this process for those of us who are less photographically inclined. I've recently found that using textures is an amazing way to fix those grainy cell phone photos (we lost our camera shortly after my son was born and didn't find it again until my son was 8 months old!) and blurry camera shots. I can't thank Jessica enough for showing me a way to use all of these important photos that I thought would never be scrappable!
In the photo above I used Steffen J.'s Bus Stop Window TTV effect and Katie Pertiet's Farm Fresh Frame and Brush. First I desaturated the original photo, then placed a soft light sepia adjustment layer to accentuate the shadows. I then placed the ttv texture on the next layer then multiplied it with the previous layers. I sized the texture down so that it came an eighth of an inch inside the photos edges, placed a frame around the edge of the ttv effect and then used the brush to place the words in the top left corner.


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