Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy 24th!

Here in Utah we celebrate the 4th of July on the 24 of July because we are just as backwards as the rest of the country...nay the world thinks we are! Just kidding, but the 24th of July is a big deal for us Utahns because thats when we celebrate our statehood! However, while Jake and Caleb and my mother, along with the niece and nephew are enjoying the local parade (in which my Grandfather is representing the veterans of our state as one of the few living WWII vets in Utah) I am stuck stocking the hotdogs and brats for all of Riverdale's BBQs and 24th of July get togethers! If you do not live in Ogden, UT or were not one of the many individuals who waited until the last minute to purchase your goodies for the are not meant to be shamed by the previous comment...unless of course you were passing though Riverdale and stopped at the local Walmart to pick up hot dogs, bacon or lunch meat...and in this case you too may feel shamed! The rest of know who you are... so yeah!
I can't help but sit here...eating my cold pizza,while blogging on my hour lunch and hope that my son Caleb (ok really my husband Jake) has saved a piece of saltwater taffy for me...I really like the banana flavored ones! Well only two more hours to go...but the walmart madness doesn't stop there...because then I get to go grocery shopping right after work...yeaaaa me! But best of all, once I finally make it home....I get to give my son a big it all balances out...don't you think!?


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