Monday, May 11, 2009

Vacuum Cowboy

Just waiting for the results of the drawings for The Mother May I Challenge at "Get It Scrapped,"(fingers crossed) so I thought I'd pop on and share this photo with you. Is Caleb trying to tell me that cleaning is in order for today or that he wants to help? He has been riding the vacuum all morning since I cleaned his play area in our family room...what a cutie. I can't help but love him, even if he did keep everyone up last night, made daddy late to work this morning and doomed mommy to a long day of laying around and doing nothing, due to sleep deprivation. Then I'll have this guilt at the end of the day, a feeling of failure that settles in the pit of my stomach as I say to myself, "I didn't accomplish anything today"--unless sleeping and eating can be counted as accomplishments...oh well, catching up on back episodes of Brothers and Sisters, and Grey's Anatomy could be considered accomplishments and I don't have to leave the couch...things happen for a reason!


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